Dancing for Maria


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David Gonzales graduated from Phoenix College with an Associate in Arts degree in Communications with emphasis in creative writing. Went  on to earn an AAS degree in TV/Video Production from the Art Institute of Phoenix.  Worked in Television Operations with Arizona PBS, ION Television, Univision, and Fox TV.  Including a 10 - year tenure as an Associate Artist with the Planet Earth Multi-Cultural Theatre Company. screenplay

Dancing for Maria: Logline



A young deaf woman with Aspergers, blames herself for the tragic death of her best friend. She makes it her mission to fulfill a promise she made to her best friend by dancing in a local talent show. screenwriter

Dancing for Maria: synopsis


  An unconventional drama about Priscilla Valdez, a young deaf woman with a neurobiological disorder. Priscilla blames herself for the tragic death of Maria, her best friend. Despite Priscilla’s own afflictions, she makes it a mission to fulfill a promise she made to Maria by dancing in a local talent show. While Priscilla pursues her promise to Maria, other members in her own vibrant family and community struggle with their own life ambitions and dreams. screenplay

DSG Productions



A short drama about a mentally challenged homeless man named Paul, who has a dream that he dances with the Virgin Mary.  However, the Virgin Mary in his dream takes on the image of Rosie, a street prostitute that he is infatuated with.  An Award Winning Super 8mm film shot in black and white with surrealism that mixes reality with dreams.  Directed,written and produced by David Gonzales. screenplay


Portrait of an Artist

A short news story on local Phoenix artist, Larry Lopresti.  This avant- garde artist has been featured in several art galleries throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Mr. Lopresti is also an independent film maker who specializes in low budget horror films. This news short  focuses  on his technique of creating creatures and set designs utilizing cardboard and old newspapers to bring his creatures to life.   Produced, directed and videography by David Gonzales.  script


Laundry Day

"Laundry Day" written & directed by Doug Brown & David Gonzales. An official entry of the Almost Famous Film Festival. Part of the 72 Hour Fright Film Challenge 2014. **Honorable Mention. Phoenix, Arizona. Shot with a Smart Phone Galaxy 5 screenplay

media spotlights

 Almost Famous Film Festival 48 hour film challenge. 2007 Phoenix, Arizona Honorable Mention Winner. Team: Laurelann Porter, Cary Deberry, Douglas Brown, David Gonzales. a Core4 production.  Cast: starring: Jeffrey Middleton, Cheryl Stewart and Larry Lopresti. screenplay


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